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+447424019764 /+256756621397 info@dasubulaagro.com

Exclusive Ugandan Coffee

In the cup, Uganda’s washed coffees bring satiny body and ripe stone fruit tones, along with a delicate touch of red berry and a buttery finish. The best natural coffees feature a lush dark berry jam flavor and mouthfeel, and clean nougat-like mid tones. A good brewed cup of Bugishu coffee exhibits the desirably winey acidity of a fine East African coffee

Why choose us?

Coffee production is our passion and our expertise, and has been for over time. We know the trails and the coffee growing regions inside and out. We know the farmers and their best produce, our expertise gives you a richer, more enjoyable taste and experience. 

We provide a thorough and complete detail to the coffee products in Uganda, so you are fully prepared to make the most of your consumption.

Service Commitment

Our product and service offering is aimed at providing a wholesome experience for our customers.

Why Trust Us

We offer a wide variety of coffee blends to meet the different taste profiles of our customers, both local and the world over.

How We do it

Dedicated Experience and expertise in roasting with art and precision equipment to ensure peak quality


The coffee is packed in foil bags, and we flush in nitrogen before fixing a one way freshness valve.

About Dasubula Agro Company

DASUBULA AGRO COMPANY LIMITED (DACL) is a small and medium specialty coffee producer with a network of 450 small holder farmers majorly in areas of Mount Elgon in high altitude areas of 1500mtrs to 2500mtrs above sea level in districts of Bududa, Namisindwa, Bulambuli and Kapchorwa with rich volcanic soils that produce excellent Arabica coffee beans and a few other more regions like central Uganda like Masaka, Lwengo who grow Robusta coffee.

We therefore trade majorly in Specialty Arabica and Robusta coffee.

We work along with the farmers and offer support inform of trainings, extension services for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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